“I wanted to get out of the spotlight and let people forget a little bit of the old image.”

“I was actually disappointed that I didn’t make this year’s ‘Worst-Dressed’ list in People magazine. Those are the people that go out there and make a statement.”

“People talked about how it was almost like my split personality, I’ve had some people go, ‘Hmm, your sweet, childlike, kind of more innocent side is the Christina, and your more dark, mysterious kind of edgier side is the Xtina’.”

“I think I’m too short to play Julie Andrews, standing with all those kids.”

“It’s like the worst when you don’t look perfect, it’s like the whole world shares your bad hair day, but I try not to let it bother me.”

“I wasn’t sure if I should wear that Playboy shirt… it’s suggestive, in a way. So my stylist and me discussed it. And I decided: I’m nineteen years old, and nineteen-year-olds are going to wear things like that. Just because I have a certain image, everyone wants me to be this role model. But nobody is perfect, and nobody can live up to that. I’m living my life.”

“I think I’m living proof that blondes don’t have all the fun. I’ve never paid attention to critics anyway. I love being a brunette. It makes me feel very comfortable. I’m open to experimenting with different looks and styles – it fits me perfectly.”

“As for my image, I felt that if they wanted to make me pop, I’d be pop- but with a little edge, not prissy-like or fake.”

“Unfortunately, pop is often about eye-candy. My record company told me to have straight hair even though I prefer it curly.”

“Well, I hate my nose! My nose is like, so funny looking, people say, ‘no it’s cute!’ I don’t believe them though, I always tell the editors to air brush it, I just can’t stand it!”

“I don’t purposely dress to shock people. I’m just being me and a lots of parts of me aren’t particularly conservative. I like to push the envelope. I don’t think I’ll ever have a nice simple pair of heels, a gown and straight blonde hair.”

“It’s just a bit of clothing. If I was in a back alley at midnight and wearing a get-up like that, I could see, yes, that it’s a little bit hookerish. But I’m an entertainer, I’m just playing a part.”

“I like to be edgy, I like to be different. I’m a little bit of rebel.”

“If I have a bad hair day, I have to share it with the world.”

“I never really like my freckles to show-it’s my own thing.”

“I was rebelling. I’ve taken out all my piercings, apart from one in my right nipple.”

“I’d just been blonde for a really long time and I’d done everything I possibly could with blonde hair, from different shades to cornrows. I need to change in my life all the time – I love to experiment – and black hair has always intrigue me. It’s mysterious and it brings out my Latin side.”

“I’ve got a sexual side and I’m not afraid to show it. It’d be easier for me to be L’il Miss Pretty, singing a ballad with pretty little hair, but that’s not me. I like to push boundaries and get out there.”

“It was all, ‘Ooh, Christina’s decided to call herself Xtina because she’s got this split personality and the piercings and the tattoos present that’. They had this idea of a dark side, light side, devil-or-angel-thing. I was like, ‘Guys. Please…’.”

“Remember that you can be whoever you are. I honestly think that you could be covered up from head to toe, but if you walk with confidence you can still be the sexist women in the room. It has nothing to do with the clothes you wear.”

“I get bored fast. I love evolving as a woman. I think people are really afraid of changes and i guess I’m different in the sense that i really embrace it.”

“The image started really upsetting me. I wanted more attention on my vocals and to be seen as a daring artist, like Madonna. But I couldn’t say, ‘I’m doing my own thing.’ I was hungry for success. So I played their little game.”

“They definitely wanted to tame down my voice and my look a little bit, their vision was for me to be a cutesy pop singer.”

“In Ricky Martin’s video, he’s having an orgy, and that’s fine. But when a female does it, they call you every name in the book.”

“I think it had to do with social standards, too. People want to see a white blond girl stick to a safe, good-girl image. Not that I’m trying to be the bad girl; I just want to be real, to be myself. People don’t really know who I am yet. That’s where the title of my new album (Stripped) came from – it’s about being emotionally stripped down for the first time.”

“I’m a pretty petite girl. I have a fast metabolism, but my age has been kicking in this year, because all of the sudden I’m like, ‘Where does this little stomach come from?’ I feel it on my thighs too, so I’m getting a trainer. But not to lose everything, because I like being a little thicker.”

“Body piercing started out when I was on my first tour. I felt so caged. It was a rebellion and something I had complete control over. They couldn’t tell me what to do with my body.”

“I took the piercings all out. My nose, my chin, everything. It was over in the change of a hair colour.”

“I cannot walk into a tattoo or piercing place without getting something done. This [pointing to her bottom lip] is my latest one. I got it in Atlanta. My friend wanted to get her nose pierced, and I was like ‘Well shoot, I’m going to get my lip pierced!’”

“I have eleven piercings. I’m not going to tell you where they all are, but you’ll probably imagine.”

Question: To have such a body you partake in a lot of diets and sports, right?
Answer: “I am by nature a delicate person; I got that from my mother (LOL, right). But of course I eat healthy and I do a lot of sport. That is very important. I definitely feel better, when I’m in shape!”

Question: You seem to be very ladylike, mature and soft, is the ‘Dirrty’ part of you definitely over?
Answer: “I am softer now than I used to be – but my provocative side will never die!”

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