“It was like ‘Saturday Night Live’ for kids.”

“Working with all those guys was a great experience. What most thrilled me was to be around so many kids at once who were as passionate about performing and were really driven. That’s why I’m not so surprised about a lot of the success. We’d pal around, but Britney and me were the babies, so we didn’t get to participate as much. But it was cool.”

“You got experience for what it’s like in a recording studio. You got in-front-of-the-camera experience and exposure. And you got what it was to be on a working schedule.”

“We all got along like brothers and sisters. We became like family. It was cool for me because I was in with a bunch of kids who really enjoyed performing and had dreams of doing it in the future. Where I come from, kids were really into sports, and I was the only one really into music.”

“I was there for two seasons with Britney Spears and Justin and JC from ‘N Sync. We all became like brothers and sisters.”

“Britney and I were the youngest, and we totally looked up to the older kids, especially Keri Russell, who was 15.”

“I auditioned and didn’t hear anything back for the next few years, so I just figured I didn’t make it. But when I was 12 years old I got a call back, and they said they had held on to my tape because I was too young for the part before. So I auditioned again, and I got one of the six new spots they filled that year.”

“I grew up with JC and Justin on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club.’ They’re all cool guys, but there are some that stick out more than others. Of course, Lance is the quiet one and Justin is a ham and I think JC is sort of the thinker. He sits back and looks like he’s the thinker. Joey’s the flirt, of course. Many of you may know that. They’re all cool.”

“I was very close to Britney, she and I were the youngest. We totally looked up to Keri Russell; she was a Barbie doll to us. She was 16 at the time, and Britney was 11, and I was 12, and we were both in awe of her. We were always touching her hair. We were such little dorks!”

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