Christina Aguilera got her photos taken by Brie Childres, which ended up being in Brie’ book “Exposed: Our Bodies for Breast Cancer”.

“Exposed” features Brie’s photography, showcasing strong woman, who have survived breast cancer, or woman who have had their life intruded by this deadly disease, causing pain and inflicting its wrath personally or on loved ones. Brie will also capture the beauty, and raw sprit of some of Hollywood’s hottest female celebrities, who believe strongly, that we need to do everything we can, to find a cure and stop this hell upon the human race. “Exposed”, proceeds will be donated to the The Pink Lotus Breast Center, founded by renowned surgical Breast specialist, Dr. Kristi Funk. The Pink Lotus Breast Center, fuses state-of-the art screening, diagnosis and treatment with preventive strategies and holistic, compassionate care.

“It is an honor to donate, Exposed profits, to help the country’s first female-owned, female-run and fully integrative breast center”. (Brie Childers)

Q: Brie, what about photography is satisfying, and who do you enjoy working with? 
A: I enjoy, people who give back to the camera, people who are willing to be open emotionally to me and the people who I can share my art with. The talent has to want to share themselves through the photo, in order for the photo to be magical. Rosanna Arquette, Tommy Lee, Christina Aguilera, Taryn Manning, Terrance Howard, Joanna Krupa… all of these people are incredible to work with. It’s like playing tennis with an Olympic gold medalist, when the chemistry is great between me and the person in front of the camera. It’s a luxury I hope to enjoy many, many more times in my life.
Source: Think Peace

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