Christina Aguilera is opening up about working with Kanye West on her new album Liberation!

Xtina worked with rapper Kanye West on “Accelerate” and the song “Maria” off the upcoming record, which hits stores on June 15th via RCA Records.

“When I first started the Kanye songs, it was before he even [released] Life of Pablo. Then, he went on tour,” Christinatold EW. “Look, he’s always said things that have stirred controversy and attention. I’m not getting involved in what he’s saying or anything like that. I know him as an artist.”

“I do know that when we sat down and he played me these tracks, he got me. I think he’s an artist first and foremost and we’re not always going to agree with artists,” Christinacontinued. “I loved our initial meeting and we totally clicked. I found him to be very endearing.”


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