“I take my favorite scented candles, down to your favorite foods and it is just trying to do everything you can. And writing, I definitely keep a journal so I am close to that because I am a very spiritual person – keeping in touch with those I love and keeping in touch with myself is of huge importance to me.”

“I get up around noon and as soon as I wake up I’ll have coffee. I don’t enjoy shopping so my stylist usually brings me things to wear.”

“I’m not a breakfast person so I have cottage cheese and potatoes – fried, baked, mashed – with a good steak. I’m a meat eater.”

“At the moment though, like most artists, I’m a total vampire. I don’t like the sunlight. I never go in to the sun. Sometimes, I might work till midnight, sometimes till eight in the morning.”

“I love doing normal things – movies, shopping, going out with friends, writing, reading, taking hot bubble baths – that’s a big one for relaxation. I also love to go to art and history museums.”

“On my days off, whenever I do get some, I’m really keen on wanting to sleep in. Other than that, when I wake-up, I’ll go shopping…. normal stuff… the movies. I’ll write songs when I’m by myself.”

“Actually, I would love to go online more often than I do. Occasionally I get the opportunity to. I’ll be on a lot more once I get that laptop in my possession. I really don’t know what kind I want, I have yet to go laptop shopping.”

“I’m a fan of ice hockey and, as far as playing goes, my five siblings would go in my backyard and get a game of baseball going – not softball, baseball – and it backfired. I got hit in the jaw with a baseball and my face swelled up and it was so embarrassing.”

“My trainer and I box, but I haven’t actually fought yet. As far as really going at it with somebody – we’ll have to see what that’s like. I want to get a ring put in my house – a real ring.”

“I like to call home and catch up on my mum’s news. I don’t care what we talk about; grocery shopping, what my brother did at school, who cares – just as long as we don’t have to talk about me.”

“I’ve got a purple GameCube at home but I am dying for the new platinum GameCube. My sister and I have Mario Party battles and I can’t wait for more Mario.”

“Maybe it is a little touristy of me, but I went to the zoo. I love going to zoos and museums whenever I am out and about. I must say I do love kangaroos, they are so cute and I got to pat them.”

“I love a spree, shopping is definitely one of my vices.”

“I’ll take on anyone at Scrabble! I’m the champ!”

“I’m proud to be an American!”

“Jorge [Santos], my ex-boyfriend, bought me both my dogs. They’re papillons – they’re so cute. They had to be small enough so I could travel with them. Stinky and Chewy are their names. They come on shorter trips. They’re going to be mad at their mommy when I get back.”

“I check my spending and I’m not asking anyone to feel bad for me. I just wanted to be treated fairly.”

“They’re my boys, [her dogs] I can’t wait to take them with me when I tour, because it can get kind of lonely on the road.”

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